FAA Memorandum American Airlines- AAE File #EW815504
Posted On: Oct 17, 2017


 Peggy S. Gilligan,  Associate Administrator for Aviation S AVS-1

H. Clayton Foushee, Director, Office of Audit and Evaluation, A

American Airlines- AAE File #EW815504

Pursuant to recent whistleblower investigation  completed on behalf of our office, I wanted you

to know of cultural  concerns at American Airlines which  have a direct impact  on aviation  safety.

Six  Chicago-based Aviation  Maintenance Technicians alleged that maintenance managers had

pressured them to not  record discrepancies, take shortcuts with  maintenance activities, or

improperly sign-off  on work which  was not actually  completed. Pressuring mechanics in this

way  is contrary to regulatory  requirements and safe  operating practices.

An investigation  team from  the Orlando Certificate  Management Office  conducted an exemplary

investigation, interviewing dozens of witresses and  gathering hundreds of  documents, ultimately

substantiating all of  the complainant's allegations. It also appears  the concems may be much

more prevalent across American's  organtzation than even  the complainant's  alleged, affecting

 maintenance activities in  Dallas, New York, Miami and beyond. Additionally,  there exists a

 substantial likelihood  that American has  not properly  conducted lightning strike  inspections for a

protracted period of time.

Flight  Standards (AFS) has opened approximately  20 enforcement investigations as a result of

the initial complaint. Although  the whistleblower investigation has been  completed, we strongly

 recommend AFS continue additional investigation to  determine the scope, depth, and root causes

ofthese issues.

If you have any questions, please  contact Vincent L. Murray II,  Manager and Chief Investigator,

at 202-815-1973.



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